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A new standard of living

EVERGREEN-3 offers you everything you need for a high standard of living: the high 2.80 m ceilings, the German Schüco window systems, the gasification of the building and the panoramic sea view.

EVERGREEN-3 is fully completed and located in Varna, in the Briz neighborhood.

All apartments at the EVERGREEN-3 are sold out!

Our benefits
Hot water at any time!
As a part of intelligent house planning, the Evergreen-3 complex is fully gasified. 
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2.80-meters ceiling height
Space for all your dreams! 
One of the most outstanding advantages in the construction of Evergreen-3 is the 2.80-meters ceiling height. 
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Sound isolation
For your privacy and comfort! 
Evergreen-3 combines several components for high-end sound insulation up to 56dB.
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Sea view
Spectacular panorama!
A spacious apartment with high ceilings, its own green yard, and top-quality construction.
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Schüco Windows
The entire building is equipped with state-of-the-art German Schüco window systems.
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The building is located in one of Varna's most desirable neighborhoods - Briz, at Dr. Indrzhishka Krasteva street, near the regional language schools and the Evergreen residential complex. The favorable location provides a convenient lifestyle in a tranquil place: with panoramic sea views and quick access to each point around the city.
Quality of construction
Degree of completion of the building - Act-16.
The Evergreen-3 residential building is fully gasified, which guarantees low heating costs, constant hot water availability, and minimize harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
The interior walls between the apartments are made of bricks that isolate the acoustic noise, while the floor, under the screed, is professionally insulated against impact noise. The combined effect of the technologies provides a total sound insulation level of up to 56 dB.
The windows of the building are manufactured by the leading European brand Schüco. They have triple glazing and a 6-chamber 82 mm profile; the result is an outstanding level of heat and sound insulation.

The Italian KONE elevator is spacious, soundless, with safe automatic doors and a backup power supply.
The building has its own underground parking lot, along with above-ground parking spaces.
In Evergreen 3, you will enjoy a high level of securityIt is guaranteed by the online-access digital intercom system and the opportunity for integrating smart home solutions, remote video surveillance including.
The apartments in the Evergreen-3 boutique residential complex are distributed according to the BDS standard - with a fully completed facade, finished common areas, and all types of installations included. This ensures the buyers' absolute independence in making personalized interior design choices for their homes.
Stages of construction
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